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Posted:Jul 09, 2010 at 11:42 pm
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Well, I'm still short a set of orders, but the time has come... so here's the adjudication.  There's a lot going on here, but we only have three retreats to resolve.  Well, two, really... 'cause Sahara will be bowing out regardless of his retreat.  We say farewell to another of our valient fighters just as we're about to take a bit of a break.  I will be away from most of civilization for a week starting on Monday, so get those retreats in and we'll have a long winter.

F Belgium - North Sea (*fails*)
F Anchorage - Vancouver
A Wyoming Supports F Anchorage - Vancouver
F Bay of Alcatraz Supports F Honolulu
F Labrador Sea - Arctic Ocean
F Northwest Passage Supports F Labrador Sea - Arctic Ocean

F Halifax - Bay of Fundy
F Bogota - Trinidad & Tobago
A Panama - Bogota
F Caribbean Sea Supports F Bogota - Trinidad & Tobago
A Guadalajara Holds
A Haiti Holds

F Tokyo - East China Sea

F Micronesian Sea - Honolulu (*fails*)
F Pacific Ocean Supports F Micronesian Sea - Honolulu
F Queen Charlotte Sea - Anchorage

A Paris - Frankfurt
A Zagreb - Greece
A Ukraine Supports A Astana - Caucasus

A Nizhniy-Novgorod Supports A Astana - Caucasus
A Astana - Caucasus
A Yamalia - Astana
A Yakutsk - Xinjiang
A Vladivostok - Nunavut (*convoy disrupted*)

F Arctic Ocean Convoys A Vladivostok - Nunavut (*dislodged*)
F Bering Sea Supports F Queen Charlotte Sea - Anchorage
A Greenland Supports A Vladivostok - Nunavut (*invalid*)
F English Channel - London
F Norwegian Sea Supports F English Channel - London

F North Sea Supports F English Channel - London (*cut*)

F Cape Verde Sea - Atlantic Ocean
F Casablanca Supports F Cape Verde Sea - Atlantic Ocean (*dislodged*)

A Accra - Dakar
F Ascension Sea - Trinidad & Tobago (*fails*)

F Tyrrhenian Sea - Casablanca
A Algiers Supports F Tyrrhenian Sea - Casablanca
F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea
F Atlantic Ocean - Bermuda Triangle
F Fortaleza - Amazon
A Amazon - Lima
A La Paz Supports A Amazon - Lima

F St. Helena Sea - Sandwich Sea
F Johannesburg - Cocos Sea

F Cameroon - St. Helena Sea
A Cairo - Jordan
A Sudan - Cairo
F Nairobi - Indian Ocean (*bounce*)
F Red Sea - Yemen

Persia (No Moves Received):
F Ankara Holds
A Caucasus Holds (*dislodged*)
A Uzbekistan Holds

A Karachi Holds
A Delhi Holds
F Mumbai Holds
F Orissa Holds
A Tibet Holds (*disbanded*)

A Beijing Supports A Tibet - Shanghai (*invalid*)
A Ulaanbaatar Holds

F Indian Ocean - Arabian Sea

F South China Sea - Indian Ocean (*bounce*)
F Bay of Bengal - Orissa (*fails*)
F Bangkok Supports A Bangladesh
F Arafura Sea - Philippines Sea
F Philippines Sea - Fijian Sea
F East China Sea - Sea of Japan

F Shanghai - Beijing (*fails*)
A Hong Kong - Tibet
A Bangladesh Supports A Hong Kong - Tibet
F Easter Sea - Lima (*fails*)
F Honolulu Supports F Philippines Sea - Fijian Sea (*cut*)

Russia's F Arctic Ocean may retreat to Nunavut, Baffin Bay, Iceland, Oslo, Karelia, Barents Sea, Yamalia, Yakutsk or OTB

Sahara's F Casablanca may retreat to Spain, Mali, Cape Verde Sea or OTB
Persia's A Caucasus may retreat to Tehran or OTB

Next Deadline:
Autumn 2006 retreats are due on Sunday, July 11, at 1pm CDT.

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Diplomacy games may contain lying, stabbing, or deliberately deceiving communications that may not be suitable for and may pose a hazard to young children, gullible adults, and small farm animals.

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