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Posted:Jul 01, 2010 at 10:37 am
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Hello, all.  Sorry about the delay.  I was missing a couple of orders at the deadline, and then got caught up in work when they all came in.  As today is Canada Day, I now have oodles of time to get this out.  This was a very interesting round with some bold moves.  I like those.  Most bold of all was Oceania's move for Honolulu.  I'll let you see that for yourselves (and I warn you, the adjudication for it has a high chance of being erroneous).

As a result of some of those bold moves, we have a number of retreats to resolve, and given that this is a long weekend for most of us, those will be due on Monday.  See you then!

A Wyoming - Vancouver (*bounce*)

F Nunavut - Anchorage
F Northwest Passage Supports F Nunavut - Anchorage
F Galapagos Sea - Sea of Alcatraz
A Mexico City - Panama
F Atlantic Ocean - Labrador Sea (*dislodged*)
F Halifax - Atlantic Ocean (*fails*)

A Los Angeles - Guadalajara
F Bogota Holds
F Caribbean Sea Holds
A Haiti Holds
F English Channel Holds (*dislodged*)

F Tokyo - Micronesian Sea
F Hokkaido - Tokyo
F Pacific Ocean - Anchorage (*fails*)

F Anchorage - Vancouver (*dislodged*)

A Yakutsk - Xinjiang (*bounce*)
A Vladivostok - Yakutsk (*fails*)
F Bering Sea Supports F Arctic Ocean
A Yamalia Supports A Astana
F North Sea Supports F Paris - English Channel
F Paris - English Channel

A Rome - Paris
A Zagreb - Greece (*bounce*)

F Arctic Ocean Convoys A Karelia - Greenland
F Oslo - Norwegian Sea (*bounce*)
A Karelia - Greenland
A Moscow - Nizhniy-Novgorod
A Ukraine - Caucasus (*fails*)
A Astana Supports A Yakutsk - Xinjiang (*cut*)

F Cape Verde Sea Supports F Ascension Sea - Atlantic Ocean

F Casablanca Supports F Ascension Sea - Atlantic Ocean

Permit F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ascension Sea - Atlantic Ocea

F Rio de Janeiro - Fortaleza

A Fortaleza - Amazon
A Parana - La Paz
F Ascension Sea - Atlantic Ocean
F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Ascension Sea - Atlantic Ocean
F Accra - Ascension Sea
F Kinshasa - Cameroon

F Luanda - St. Helena Sea
F Johannesburg - Cocos Sea (*bounce*)
F Nosy Barrens - Nairobi
F Addis Ababa - Red Sea
A Cairo - Sudan
A Tripoli - Cairo
A Niger - Algiers
A Lagos - Accra
F Algiers - Tunisia

F Ankara - Greece (*bounce*)
A Uzbekistan - Astana (*fails*)
A Caucasus Supports A Uzbekistan - Astana (*cut*)
F Orissa - Bangladesh (*fails*)
A Xinjiang - Tibet
A Karachi - Xinjiang (*bounce*)

A Delhi Supports A Xinjiang - Tibet
F Indian Ocean - Jakarta (*dislodged*)


A Beijing Supports A Xinjiang - Tibet
A Ulaanbaatar Holds


F Shanghai Supports F Taipei - East China Sea
F Taipei - East China Sea
F Manila - Philippines Sea
F Jakarta - Indian Ocean
F South China Sea Supports F Jakarta - Indian Ocean
F Vietnam - Bangkok
A Bangladesh - Orissa (*fails*)

F Bangkok - Bay of Bengal
F Arafura Sea - Cocos Sea (*bounce*)
F Fijian Sea - Easter Sea
F Honolulu - The Moon (*finds the secret & wins the game*)
A Tibet - Delhi (*dislodged*)

Quebec's F Atlantic Ocean may retreat to Spain, Ireland, Newfoundland, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Bay of Fundy, Bermuda Triangle, Trinidad & Tobago or OTB

Quebec's F English Channel may retreat to Ireland, London, Belgium or OTB
Mexico's F Anchorage may retreat to Queen Charlotte Sea or OTB
Persia's F Indian Ocean may retreat to Mumbai, Arabian Sea, Somalia, Nosy Barrens, Madagascar or OTB

Oceania's A Tibet may retreat to Hong Kong or OTB

Next Deadline:
Summer 2006 retreats are due on Monday, July 5, at 1pm CDT.

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