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Posted:Aug 04, 2010 at 11:10 pm
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Well, here we go into the Spring of 2007.  I remain one set of orders short of a full season, but there has been enough time for getting those in.  I find the jockeying very interesting and am intrigued to see what happens in the fall.

F Belgium - North Sea (*dislodged*)
F Arctic Ocean - Baffin Bay
F Northwest Passage Supports F Arctic Ocean - Baffin Bay
A Haiti - Halifax
F Bay of Fundy Convoys A Haiti - Halifax
F Trinidad & Tobago - Atlantic Ocean

F Caribbean Sea - Havana
F Sea of Alcatraz - Fijian Sea (*fails*)
A Bogota Holds
A Guatemala Holds
A Wyoming - Manitoba
F Vancouver - Anchorage (*fails*)

F East China Sea - Tokyo
F Anchorage Supports F Norwegian Sea - Arctic Ocean

A Xinjiang - Tibet
A Astana - Xinjiang
A Vladivostok Holds

F Bering Sea - Pacific Ocean
F Oslo Supports F Norwegian Sea - Arctic Ocean
F Norwegian Sea - Arctic Ocean
F London - English Channel
F North Sea Supports A Frankfurt - Belgium
A Frankfurt - Belgium
A Ukraine - Caucasus

A Nizhniy-Novgorod - Astana
A Greenland - Quebec (*fails*)
F Baffin Bay Convoys A Greenland - Quebec (*dislodged*)
A Caucasus - Ankara
A Greece Supports A Caucasus - Ankara

F Amazon - Venezuela

F Ascension Sea - Trinidad & Tobago

F Bermuda Triangle Convoys A Haiti - Halifax
A La Paz - Amazon
A Lima Supports A La Paz - Amazon
F Rio de Janeiro - Ascension Sea
F Casablanca - Spain
A Algiers - Rome
F Tyrrhenian Sea Convoys A Algiers - Rome

A Dakar - Mali

A Jordan - Baghdad
A Cairo - Jordan
F Addis Ababa - Somalia
F Yemen Supports F Addis Ababa - Somalia
F Nairobi - Indian Ocean
F Luanda - St. Helena Sea
F St. Helena Sea - Rio de la Plata
F Sandwich Sea - Tongan Sea

F Johannesburg - Cocos Sea
F Cocos Sea - Perth

F Ankara Holds (*dislodged*)
A Uzbekistan Holds
A Tehran Supports A Uzbekistan
A Delhi Holds
A Karachi Supports A Delhi
F Mumbai - Arabian Sea (*fails*)

F Orissa - Mumbai (*fails*)

A Beijing Supports A Xinjiang - Tibet
A Ulaanbaatar Holds

Oceania (NMR):
F Sea of Japan Holds
F Shanghai Holds
F South China Sea Holds
F Bangkok Holds
A Bangladesh Holds
A Tibet Holds (*dislodged*)

F Philippines Sea Holds
F Honolulu Holds
F Easter Sea Holds
F Fijian Sea Holds

Quebec's F Belgium may retreat to London, Paris or OTB
Russia's F Baffin Bay may retreat to Labrador Sea, Quebec, Hudson Bay, Nunavut or OTB

Persia's F Ankara may retreat to Aegean Sea, Black Sea or OTB
Oceania's A Tibet may retreat to Hong Kong or OTB

Next Deadline: Summer 2007 retreats are due on Friday, August 6, at 1pm CDT.

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DC287 - Spring 2007 (Viper) Aug 04, 11:10 pm

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