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Posted:Sep 03, 2010 at 11:02 am
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It's a brutal world out ther folks, especially if you're a Hojo.   Losing Mus and Ssh, the Hojo drop from 6 to 4!  Fortunately with the auto-disband in the spring, they need only remove one to round out the winter... Lucky them!  Turnabout being fair play, the Uesugi suffer some positional losses in their naval blockade, losing the port city of Kaga to the Mori. 
Neutral:  With conflicting offers from both the Asakura and the Uesugi, the lone neutral in Hitachi throws up arms and refuses to help either.
5 of 6 players have an order due this winter!  Due Tuesday 9/7, 3pm Central!
Mori: Build 1
Chosokabe: Build 1
Asakura: Build 2
Uesugi: Build 1
Hojo: Remove 1
There were a few draw proposals for next spring, I'll detail those w the winter results.
A Bingo, no move received
F Hoki - Sanin Coast
F Iwami Coast - Sea of Japan (*Fails*)
A Izumo - Hoki
F Sanin Coast - Wakasa Bay
F Sea of Japan - Noto (*Fails*)
F Wakasa Bay - Kaga
F Atsumi Bay Supports A Kii - Mikawa
A Kii - Mikawa
F Kii Straits - South Pacific Ocean (*Fails*)
F Kumano Sea Supports F Sagami Bay
F Sagami Bay Supports F South Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean
A Settsu - Yamato
F Shima Supports A Kii - Mikawa
F South Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean (*Fails*)
F Totomi Sea Convoys A Kii - Mikawa
A Echizen Supports F Wakasa Bay - Kaga
F Inaba Hold
A Ise - Owari (*Fails*)
A Mino Supports A Owari - Mikawa
A Omi Supports A Mino
A Owari - Mikawa (*Fails*)
A Mikawa - Totomi (*Disbanded*)
A South Shinano Supports A Totomi - Suruga (*Cut*)
A Totomi - Suruga (*Fails*)
A Etchu Supports A Hida
A Hida Hold
F Kaga Supports F Noto (*Disbanded*)
A Kozuke Supports A North Shinano - Musashi
F North Pacific Ocean - Kazusa (*Fails*)
F North Sea of Japan Supports F Noto
A North Shinano - Musashi
F Noto Supports F Kaga (*Cut*)
A Kai - South Shinano (*Fails*)
F Kazusa - Sagami Bay (*Fails*)
F Pacific Ocean Supports F Kazusa - Sagami Bay (*Cut*)
A Sagami - Izu (*Bounce*)
A Suruga - Izu (*Bounce*)
A Hitachi Hold

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