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Subject:< dc306 s1578 - South Shinano >
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Posted:Sep 29, 2010 at 4:06 pm
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This round all eyes are on the province of South Shinano as the Uesugi finally have something go their way.  Now mind you all they do is break even - but when faced with the sky falling and the walls closing in at the same time, that's not half bad.  What happens this fall?  Find out in a week!  Tuesday 10/5, 3pm Central.
Draw failed, nothing to vote on this fall.
Joe!  I let this turn go by cuz you contacted me but if no orders this fall it is CD for the Oda!
A Bingo Hold
A Hoki Hold
F Iwami Coast - South Sea of Japan
F Kanmon Strait - Suo Sea
F Noto - North Sea of Japan (*Fails*)
F Sanin Coast - Iwami Coast
F Sea of Japan Supports F Noto - North Sea of Japan
F Wakasa Bay - Noto (*Fails*)
A Iyo - Tosa
F Izu Supports F Totomi - Sagami Bay
A Kii - Totomi
F Kumano Sea - Kii Straits
F Mikawa Supports A Kii - Totomi
F Pacific Ocean Supports F Totomi - Sagami Bay
A Sanuki - Awa
F South Pacific Ocean Supports F Pacific Ocean
A Suruga Supports A Mino - South Shinano
F Totomi - Sagami Bay
F Totomi Sea Convoys A Kii - Totomi
A Yamato - Shima
A Echizen Supports A Hida
A Hida Supports A Mino - South Shinano (*Cut*)
F Inaba - Sanin Coast
A Ise - Mino (*Fails*)
A Kaga Supports F Wakasa Bay - Noto
A Mino - South Shinano (*Fails*)
A Owari Hold
F Settsu Hold
A Tango Hold
A Yamashiro - Omi
A South Shinano, no move received
A Etchu - Hida (*Fails*)
A Musashi - Hitachi
F North Pacific Ocean Supports A Musashi - Hitachi
F North Sea of Japan Hold
A North Shinano Supports A South Shinano
F Toyama Bay Supports F North Sea of Japan
A Kai Supports A Sagami
F Kazusa Supports A Musashi - Hitachi
A Sagami Supports A Kai
A Hitachi, no move received (*Disbanded*)

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dc306 s1578 - South Shinano (FuzzyLogic) Sep 29, 04:06 pm

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