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Posted:Oct 05, 2010 at 3:56 pm
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Today we bid farewell to our Oda, Joe Babinsack.  Seems you got hammered since I took over!  And we have one retreat, but Uesugi Fleet Etc can only go to Ecg so I just moved it there, and we move on to Winter!
Asakura: Build 1
Uesugi: Build 1  (or take the retreat OTB and Build 2)
Let's get retreats ASAP, Wed 3pm Central!  I say this cuz I want to get in spring by mid week, and then retreats by next Thurs, cuz then Garry goes off to acquire his better half and we will have a longer than normal turn, as I'm not sure Diplomacy is going to be the preferred activity of the night for him and the soon to be little misses in the Honeymoon Suite.
So 3pm Wed for those 2 builds!
A Bingo Hold
A Hoki Hold
F Iwami Coast - Sanin Coast (*Fails*)
F Noto - Etchu
F Sea of Japan Supports F Wakasa Bay - Noto
F South Sea of Japan - Iwami Coast (*Fails*)
F Suo Sea - Kanmon Strait
F Wakasa Bay - Noto

A Awa - Iyo (*Bounce*)
F Izu Supports A Shima - Sagami
F Kii Straits Hold
F Mikawa Supports A Totomi
F Pacific Ocean - Kazusa (*Fails*)
F Sagami Bay Convoys A Shima - Sagami
A Shima - Sagami (*Fails*)
F South Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean (*Fails*)
A Suruga - Kai (*Fails*)
A Tosa - Iyo (*Bounce*)
A Totomi Supports A Mino - South Shinano
F Totomi Sea Convoys A Shima - Sagami
A Echizen - Hida (*Bounce*)
A Hida - North Shinano (*Fails*)
A Ise - Mino
A Kaga Supports F Noto - Etchu
A Mino - South Shinano
A Omi Hold
A Owari Supports F Mikawa
F Sanin Coast Supports F Sea of Japan (*Cut*)
F Settsu Hold
A Tango - Echizen (*Fails*)
A South Shinano Hold (*Disbanded*)
A Etchu - Hida (*Dislodged*)
A Hitachi Supports A Sagami
F North Pacific Ocean Supports F Kazusa
F North Sea of Japan Hold
A North Shinano Supports A South Shinano (*Cut*)
F Toyama Bay Supports F North Sea of Japan
A Kai, no move received
F Kazusa, no move received
A Sagami, no move received

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