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Posted:Oct 12, 2010 at 3:04 pm
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Well folks I only got to cover for about 3 years, witness the extinction of the Oda and the last few neutrals, and here we call it a draw!  Hardly equal tho, for the Uesuegi and Hojo are willing to bow their heads to the overpowering forces that were the Asakura, Chokosabe, and Mori.  EOG's to follow from all I'm sure!  Of particular interest is that for both abandons in this game, the replacements made it clear to the end, one even sharing in the draw. 
Ben when you get a moment pls review the game page for accuracy, then we'll post the finals.

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dc306 Game End - Draw! (FuzzyLogic) Oct 12, 03:04 pm

dc306 Game End - Draw! (Kenshi777) Oct 12, 09:15 pm

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