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(Ancient Mediterranean)

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Posted:Nov 08, 2011 at 3:05 pm
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And here we go! Thank you all for getting
the orders in on time. Tis a grand start.


Since there are no retreats due I will set
the Fall deadline for Friday November 11, 6pm eastern US time. Please
note that is 2 hours later. (I have an office function that day and will not be
at my desk to run the turn.) I will run the fall turn early if all orders are
marked Final.


Please check for errors. Map and .dpy file
are attached.




F Neapolis - Sicilia

A Ravenna -

A Roma - Etruria



A Carthage
- Mauretania

A Cirta - Numidia

F Thapsus -
Gulf of Tacape



A Antioch -

A Damascus
- Armenia

F Sidon - Tyre



A Athens - Macedonia

A Macedonia
- Dacia

F Sparta - Aegean Sea



F Alexandria
- Egyptian Sea

A Memphis -

A Thebes
– Sinai






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