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Posted:Nov 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm
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Funny thing - I received draw votes from multiple players, but there were no draw proposals on the table! Just to review the process:
First, somebody proposes a draw.
THEN you vote!

For today???s bit of Julius Caesar, I am attaching a classic comic cover. You can see that???s Dirk on the left and Jack on the right.

Normally, one would think that a disbanded army in Vienna would be the talk of the town, but to some degree, Jack has an opportunity to counteract that, especially with Austrian gains in Galicia.
The main story, as I see it, is the Austrian fleet in Eastern Mediterranean. Austrian fleet in Eastern Mediterranean?!? What Austrian fleet? Precisely. There is no fleet. So, it cannot obey Austrian orders to seize the Ionian Sea. And therefore, the French snail-eaters from Tunis advance unopposed.

There are no retreats required, so Fall 1915 is due on Thursday, November 17 at 2:00 p.m. CST.

Spring 1915 Adjudication

f tri-adr (*Fails*)
f apu s f tri-adr (*Cut*)
a tyr-ven (*Bounce*)
a ven-rom (*Fails*)
a vie s a bud (*Disbanded*)
a bud s a rum-gal
a gre-alb
f eme-ion (*No such unit*)
f ank-con
f aeg s f eme-ion (*Void*)
a rum-gal
a sev s a ukr
a ukr s a rum-gal

F Bar C Edi - StP
F Ber H
A Edi - StP
F Eng - Wal
A Gal - Vie
A Kie - Mun
A Mos S Sil - War
F NRG C Edi - StP
F Por - MAO
A Ruh S Kie - Mun
F StP ??? BOT

Army Gascony Move To Marseilles
Army Rome Move To Venice (*Bounce*)
Fleet Tunis Move To Ionian Sea
Fleet Adriatic Support Army Rome Move To Venice (*Cut*)
Fleet Naples Move To Apulia (*Fails*)
Fleet Tyhennian Sea Move To Tuscany
Fleet Piedmont HOLD

Boh supports Gal to Vie
Sil to War

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