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Posted:Dec 06, 2011 at 3:11 pm
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There is no agreement to end the game. Soldier on!
For a season in such a developed game, I found this adjudication to have more than its share of intriguing events.
Austria leaves Albania idle, whilst it could easily have either supported Trieste (which gets destroyed) or defended Greece. Austria does storm Venice and the Ionian Sea (which could easily have been defended by England's idle Tunisian fleet).
England moves into North Atlantic and the English Channel. He also seizes Warsaw... but leaves Sweden untouched.
Despite the loss of Tunis, France can gain a center; or, should he retreat OTB, he can gain a build all the same.
The Germans in Galicia getted clonged on both sides -- from a stampeding heard of English rhinoceroses and by marauding hordes of Austrian elephants. The result is standstill.
There are two retreats. The German army in Warsaw auto-retreats to Prussia.
The French fleet in Ionian Sea may retreat to Greece, Tyrrhenian Sea, or off the board.
Please send that retreat quickly, Mr. Mizak.
Winter 1916 orders will follow immediately. This season, everybody has something to do (the following assumes that France retreats to Greece... if he does not so retreat, then Austria has no disband upcoming... if France retreats to Tyrrhenian Sea, then he has no build upcoming).
Austria: Supp 9 Unit 10 Remove 1
England: Supp 16 Unit 14 Build 2
France: Supp 8 Unit 7 Build 1
Germany: Supp 1 Unit 2 Remove 1
Winter will hopefully be done by Thursday, setting up Spring 1917 next Tuesday. For Spring 1917, we already have EF and EFG draw proposals. I will accept others (such as IRT) until the Winter adjudication.

a ukr-war (*Fails*)
a rum-gal (*Bounce*)
a bul-rum (*Bounce*)
a bud s rum-gal
f tri s a tus-ven (*Disbanded*)
f apu s a tus-ven (*Cut*)
a tus-ven
a tyr s a tus-ven
a alb h
f aeg-ion
f eme s f aeg-ion
F Hel H
A Kie - Ber
A LVN S Mos - War
A Mos - War
A Mun H
F Pru - Bal
A Sil - Gal (*Bounce*)
A StP - Mos
F Tun H
A Vie S Sil - Gal
F Wal - Eng
Army Rome Support Fleet Tyrhennian Sea Move to Tuscany
Army Venice Move to Trieste
Fleet Piedmont Support Fleet Tyrhennian Sea Move To Tuscany
Fleet Tyrhennian Sea Move to Tuscany
Fleet Naples Move To Apulia (*Fails*)
Fleet Ionian Sea Support Fleet Naples Move To Apulia (*Dislodged*)
Fleet Adriatic support Army Venice move to Trieste
War to Ukr (*Dislodged*)
Gal to Rum (*Bounce*)

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