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Posted:Nov 29, 2011 at 3:22 pm
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"Jus belli, ut qui vicissent, iis quos vicissent, quemadmodum vellent, imperarent."
- Julius Caesar

The EFG coalition surges forward into Galicia and Venice. The Austrian army in Venice auto-retreats to Tuscany, where they feast upon the simple delights of bread, oil, tomatoes, and tasty beans. This little army may yet vex the French, with all their too-buttery chefsmanship.

Somebody standing behind the curtain has proposed (drumroll): an English solo. Remember to vote when you submit orders for Fall 1916, due Tuesday, December 6 (St. Nicholas??? Day).

Spring 1916 Adjudication

a ven h (*Dislodged*)
f tri-adr (*Fails*)
f apu s f tri-adr (*Cut*)
a alb-gre (*Bounce*)
f aeg-ion (*Bounce*)
f smy-eme
a tyr h
a bud h
a gal-rum
a rum-bul
a ukr h

F Ber - Pru
A Edi - Kie
F Hel C Edi - Kie
A Mos - Ukr (*Fails*)
A Mun - Tyrolia (*Fails*)
F NAf - Tun
F NTH C Edi - Kie
A Sil - Gal (*Fails*)
A StP - Mos (*Fails*)
S Vie - Bud (*Fails*)
F Wal H

Army Piedmont-Venice
Army Rome Support Army Piedmont-Venice
Fleet Adriatic - Trieste (*Fails*)
Fleet Naples - Apulia (*Fails*)
Fleet Tyrhennian - Ionian Sea (*Bounce*)
Fleet Ionian Sea - Greece (*Bounce*)
Fleet Tuscany - Piedmont

Boh to Gal
War supports Boh to Gal

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