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Posted:Dec 16, 2011 at 11:06 am
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No peace.

No justice.

No peace.

No justice.

No peace.

If you ask me, there has been a recurring failure to build a consensus behind any single endgame proposal. Oh, sure, it???s easy to propose, but do you have the commitment to say, ???I do???? Well, until you all get over your commitment jitters, the war must go on!

If you play this game long enough, you???ll witness everything. For example, consider Spring 1917. Austria *triple-supports* A Bud-Tri. Dude, that guy really wants to re-take Trieste. *All three* supports are cut. Jimminy %&#^ing Cricket!!! Dude, that sucks! But wait! The move succeeds anyway. [Phew.] Because France moved unopposed into Serbia. [Nerts.]

The Austrian Front is pretty much crumbling everywhere. England seizes Sevastopol. Berlin -> Silesia -> Galicia -> Ukraine comes off without a hitch. Austrians are driven from Venice and Ionian Sea. The valiant resistance can only be waged so long before steadfast alliance overwhelms it.

Two retreats are due:
Austrian fleet Ionian Sea may retreat to Apulia, Eastern Mediterranean, or oblivion.
Austrian army Venice may retreat to Apulia, Tuscany, or oblivion.

If I could get those orders today, it???d be fabu. Then, you know, Christmas is coming soon. If you???re looking for a suitable gift for your opponents, you might try this:


Or, you can peruse Zazzle???s whole collection of JC items at:


I???d like to have Fall 1917 due next Tuesday. I think we can squeeze in one more season between now and the birthday party for the other JC.

Spring 1917 Adjudication

a bud-tri
a rum-bul (*Fails*)
a bul- gre (*Fails*)
a alb s a bud-tri (*Cut*)
f eme-aeg
f ion s f eme-aeg (*Dislodged*)
f apu-adr
a tyr s a bud-tri (*Cut*)
a ven s a bud-tri (*Dislodged*)

F Bal - Den
A Ber - Sil
F BOT - Bal
A Edi - Kie
F Eng C Lon - Bel
F Hel C Edi - Kie
A Lon - Bel
A LVN - Mos
A Mos - Sev
A Mun - Tyrolia (*Fails*)
F NTH C Edi - Kie
A Sil - Gal
F Tun - ION
A Vie S Mun - Tyrolia
A War S Gal - Ukr

Army Brest HOLD
Fleet Piedmont HOLD
Fleet Tuscany Move To Tyrhennian Sea
Army Rome Support Fleet Adriatic Move To Venice
Fleet Adriatic Sea Move to Venice
Fleet Naples Support English Fleet Tunis Move To Ionian Sea
Fleet Greece Move To Albania (*Fails*)
Triest Move To Serbia

Gal to Ukr

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