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Posted:Dec 08, 2011 at 2:49 pm
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1917. Germany declares unrestricted submarine warfare. Britain intercepts the Zimmerman Telegram, proposing a German-Mexican alliance (it was to be celebrated over tacos and bratwurst). In spite of an earlier abdication by Tsar Nicholas II, Hegelian forces lead to the Russian Revolution. The Yanks enter the war. And Peter O'Toole takes Aquaba.
Here, we commemorate 1917 in our peculiar manner by building and disbanding armies...
Austria: Removes Army Ukraine
England: Builds Army Edinburgh and Army London
France: Builds Army Brest
Germany: Removes Army Prussia
Remember, there are proposals for EF and EFG draws.
Votes are due with Spring 1917 orders on Tuesday.

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DC 373: Winter 1916 Adjudication (AceRimmer) Dec 08, 02:49 pm

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