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Posted:Aug 13, 2012 at 9:37 am
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Well gentlemen, that was a wild weekend.  I'll send another email with WDC reflections later, so as not to clutter up the adjudication here.  But from the orders received, I think this game may have just changed dramatically.  Two units were disbanded without retreats, and therefore are dislodged; the patient Russians broke through the lines to enter Munich, and the assault on Austria continues with Serbia now under the sovereignty of the Sultan.  Due to the dislodged units, the Summer turn is skipped-Fall 1906 orders are due at 9:00pm US Central on 16 August, or 03:00 BST on 17 August.  Now that we're entering the mid-game, I'm going to make the deadlines just a bit shorter (let me know if that causes any inconvenience). 


A Vienna S A BudapestA Serbia S A Budapest (*disbanded*)
A Budapest S A Vienna

F Denmark - North Sea
A Edinburgh - YorkshireF Liverpool - Wales (*fails*)
F London S F Liverpool - Wales (*cut*)

 FranceA Brest - London (*fails*)
F Wales S A Brest - London (*cut*)F English Channel C A Brest - LondonA Burgundy S Ger A Munich
F Spain/sc - Mid Atlantic Ocean

F Kiel HoldsF Holland S F KielA Ruhr S F Kiel
A Munich Holds (*disbanded*)

A Tyrolia S A TriesteA Trieste HoldsA Venice S A Trieste
A Naples - GreeceF Albania S A Naples - GreeceF Ionian Sea C A Naples - Greece

 RussiaA Sweden - Denmark
F Baltic Sea S A Sweden - DenmarkA Berlin - MunichA Silesia S A Berlin - Munich
A Bohemia S A Berlin - MunichA Prussia - BerlinF Sevastopol S A Rumania
A Rumania S Tur A Bulgaria - Serbia

F Aegean Sea - Greece (*fails*)

A Bulgaria - SerbiaF Constantinople - Bulgaria/sc

F Black Sea S Rus A Rumania

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DC428 Spring 1906 Orders (Zoterik) Aug 13, 09:37 am

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