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Posted:Aug 16, 2012 at 11:33 pm
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The big winner this year is Turkey, who picks up two centers: Serbia and Rumania.  Austria lives to fight another day, Russia fails to reach Kiel but claims Denmark as a consolation prize, and a French NMR rounds out the season's events.  Two units are dislodged:  French A London (no valid retreat, auto-disband) and Russian A Rumania.  As the Russian retreat will have no effect on the center count, we can run Autumn and Winter simultaneously; adjustments are provided below the orders as usual.

I will adjudicate the Autumn 1906 turn upon receipt of the Russian retreat, unless marked "provisional".  Otherwise, the deadline for Autumn and Winter 1906 is 9:00pm US Central on 18 August, or 03:00 BST on 19 August.

 AustriaA Budapest - Trieste (*fails*)
A Vienna - Tyrolia (*fails*)


F Wales - LondonA Yorkshire S F Wales - London

F North Sea S F Wales - LondonF Liverpool Holds



F Holland S F KielF Kiel Holds

A Ruhr S F Kiel

A Tyrolia - Vienna (*fails*)A Trieste S A Tyrolia - Vienna (*cut*)

A Venice S A TriesteA Greece - Albania

F Albania - Ionian SeaF Ionian Sea - Greece


A Denmark - Kiel (fails*)F Baltic Sea S A Denmark - KielA Berlin S A Denmark - Kiel

A Silesia S A MunichA Bohemia S A MunichA Munich Holds

A Rumania - Budapest (*dislodged*)F Sevastopol - Rumania (*fails)


F Black Sea - RumaniaA Serbia S F Black Sea - Rumania

F Bulgaria/sc - ConstantinopleF Aegean Sea Holds

Army Rumania can retreat to Galicia, Rumania or OTB.

Adjustments:Austria: 0 (2)
England: -1 (3)France: +1 (5)
Germany: 0 (3)Italy: 0 (6)
Russia: +1 or +2, depending on retreat/OTB (9)Turkey: +2 (6)

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DC428 Fall 1906 Orders (Zoterik) Aug 16, 11:33 pm

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