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Subject:< DC153 Fall 1907 Results >
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Posted:Sep 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
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Again not much movement as powers become support-happy, although Turkey
does fully assimilate and gain the supplies of Sevastopol at the expense
of England, who breaks even by doing the same with Belgium at the
expense of Germany.

A DIAS (so 5-way) has been proposed. Votes are due at the latest with
your Spring orders; however, I encourage you to submit your vote
(options are yes, no, or abstain) before that so that the game can
either end without the hassle of another movement phase or I can inform
everyone that the proposal has failed with the winter adjudication.
Remember that the proposal passes with at least one "yes" vote and no
"no" votes.

Winter adjustments are due in two days on Tuesday at 9 pm eastern;
however, I will adjudicate early if I receive adjustments before the
deadline from the two powers who have adjustments due.



GoL S Mar H: OK
Bla - Rum: OK
Con - Bla: OK
Sev - Mos: Bounce with Mos;
Arm - Sev: Bounce with Sev;

Por S Spa H: OK
Spa S Por H: OK
Mar H: OK
Pie S Mar H: OK
Wes S NAf H: OK
Tyr - Boh: Bounce with Boh;
Ven S Tyr H: Void;

Bal - Swe: OK
Boh S Sil H: Cut by Tyr;
Lvn S Mos H: OK
Mun S Boh H: OK
Ruh - Kie: OK
Sil S Boh H: OK
Pru S War H: OK
War S Mos H: Cut by Ukr;

Mos S War H: Cut by Sev;
Nth H: OK
Eng S MAt H: OK
Iri S MAt H: OK
MAt S Gas H: OK
Bur - Mar: Bounce with Mar;
Gas S Bur - Mar: OK
Bel - Bur: Bounce with Bur;

NAf S Wes H: OK
Vie S Gal H: OK
Bud S Gal H: OK
Gal S Ukr - War: OK
Ukr - War: Bounce with War;

*** Adjudicated with Diplo 2.8 ***

Turkey takes Sev from England.
England takes Bel from Germany.

Turkey may build 1 unit.
Germany disbands 1 unit.

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DC153 Fall 1907 Results (test_gm) Sep 13, 12:00 am

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