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(1900 - GM: Josh)

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Posted:Sep 16, 2007 at 1:30 pm
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Deadlines are not suggestions, I normally get to the game at the time given for a deadline. In the unlikely event that I do not get online at the specified time orders will be accepted until the start of adjudication.

I will try to send out a deadline reminder at least 12 hours in advance for all deadlines, but players are still responsible for getting their orders in on time even if I fail to send a reminder.

Generally speaking I allow 5 days for Spring/Fall turns and 2-3 for retreat and build orders.

I will not normally set a deadline for a Saturday.

There will be NO automatic grace period. If you need an extension you must ask for one.

When I receive your orders I will send confirmation that I have gotten them. If you don't receive acknowledgment I probably didn't receive them and you should resubmit.

Orders marked final indicate that the results may be posted early. Orders may be changed up to the time adjudication starts. Marking orders final does not preclude the player from changing their orders before adjudication starts.

Unit Orders
Each unit must have a specific order or the unit will stand. There is no such thing as an implied order. For example, A Par S A Pic to Bur orders A Paris to support A Picardy's move to Burgundy. It does not order A Picardy to do anything at all.

Invalid or illegal move orders will be treated as legitimate move orders for the purposes of supporting the unit in question in place. In other words, the support order will be ruled invalid because the supported unit attempted to move. The exception is nonsensical move orders which will be treated as orders to hold and can be supported to hold. For example "Paris vacations on the moon" will be interpreted as Par holds.

Since there can only be one possible unit in a province omitted or incorrect unit designations will not invalidate an order.

When revising your orders send the entire order set. The last set of orders submitted before adjudication takes place will be used. Previous orders will be replaced when revised orders come in. The GM will not look at previous orders to fill in missing unit orders in a revised order set.

If you have already submitted your orders and wish to change them, you must resubmit for all of your units.

If any particular unit is mentioned twice in an order list with contradictory orders, the last order instance for that unit will be selected for adjudication. Except when one order for a unit specifies the correct unit type and another specifies the incorrect unit type. The correct order with the correct unit type will take precedence.

(Example: In Spring '01 England orders:
F London - English Channel
A London - Wales
The order F London - English Channel will be attempted and A London -
Wales will be voided)

I will not adjudicate with an NMR in the first year.

Players will have one NMR tolerated. In the event that a player does NMR that player must contact the GM within 48 hours of the results being posted to confirm that they will continue playing. If no reply is received I will immediately begin looking for a replacement before the next turn. If the NMRing player contacts me before I find a replacement he may be allowed to continue.

After a player NMRs a second time he will be allowed to stay only by GM discretion or a unanimous agreement by the remaining active players.

NBR'S and NRR'S will not be counted as NMR's in regards to being automatically replaced after two NMRs. However the player is required to contact me within 48HRs or I will begin to seek a replacement.

Players are free to propose an agreement to terminate the game at any time. According to the basic rules of Diplomacy this should result in a draw between all survivors. However I will accept any reasonable proposal. Approval requires a unanimous yes vote by all surviving
Players (players may abstain and not affect the outcome of the vote). The vote will be cast by secret ballot. Results will be announced upon receipt of first "no" vote, a unanimous "yes" vote or upon expiration of deadline. The player who makes the proposition does not have to vote yes. Not voting before the deadline will be considered abstaining and will not affect the vote.

The GM reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Changes will be made in cases requiring rules clarification. GM also reserves the right to put any issue to a vote of the remaining players. All votes must be unanimous to pass.

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