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Posted:Sep 14, 2010 at 7:41 am
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Things get worse for the Hojo and Oda with some missed orders!
One retreat, but Uesugi F Noto could only go to Toyama Bay so I just nudged it there.
Both props are voted down.

A new draw prop is raised for a CRA... requires 6 yes-votes to pass.
NEXT:  Fall 77!  Due Monday 9/20, 3pm Central!
A Bingo Hold
A Hoki Hold
F Iwami Coast - Sea of Japan (*Fails*)
F Kaga - Noto
F Nagato - Kanmon Strait
F Sanin Coast Supports F Iwami Coast - Sea of Japan (*Fails*)
F Sea of Japan Supports F Kaga - Noto
F Wakasa Bay Supports F Kaga - Noto
F Atsumi Bay - Mikawa
F Kii Straits - South Pacific Ocean (*Fails*)
F Kumano Sea Supports F Sagami Bay
A Mikawa - Suruga
F Sagami Bay Convoys A Mikawa - Suruga
F Shima Supports F Atsumi Bay - Mikawa
F South Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean (*Fails*)
F Totomi Sea Convoys A Mikawa - Suruga
A Yamato - Kii
A Echizen Supports A Mino - Hida
F Inaba Supports A Tango
A Ise - Owari
A Mino - Hida
A Omi Supports A Owari - Mino
A Owari - Mino
A Tango Supports A Echizen
A Yamashiro - Ise
A South Shinano, no move received
A Totomi, no move received
A Etchu Supports A Hida - Kaga
A Hida - Kaga
A Kozuke - North Shinano
A Musashi Supports A Kozuke - North Shinano
F North Pacific Ocean Supports F Pacific Ocean
F North Sea of Japan Supports F Noto
F Noto Supports A Hida - Kaga (*Dislodged*)
A Kai, no move received
F Kazusa, no move received
F Pacific Ocean, no move received
A Sagami, no move received
A Hitachi, no move received

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Waving builds - it's the biggest craze to hit Japan since Pokemon!
See just who's trendy and who's not...
Mori: Build F Nagato
Chosokabe: Build waived
Asakura: Build A Tango, A Yamashiro
Uesugi: Build waived
Hojo: Remove A Suruga
NEXT:  Spring 77 - Due Monday 9/13, 3pm Central!

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