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Posted:May 19, 2011 at 11:46 am
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???O mighty Caesar! dost thou lie so low?
Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils,
Shrunk to this little measure????
- Act III, Scene i, lines 148-150

Turkey is a nation without a unit! Like great Caesar???s ghost, he remains a figment of our memories (as exhibited by the yellow markings in Sevastopol) even after his corporeal existence has ceased.

Elsewhere, the narrative of this game continues with motion on the flanks but silence in the middle. In the south, France misses an opportunity to seize TyS (not an easy guess to make). Italy must now ask the question: is Austria???s fleet in Naples friend or foe?

In the North, the relations between England and Germany are definitely a puzzle. England???s western units act as though ready to launch against the Kaiser. His eastern units vacate Scandinavia as though they have complete trust in Germany. Dirk, if this were a Constantine-themed game, I???d say, ???Sure, go ahead! Divide thine empire east and west!??? But this is a Julius Caesar-themed game, and you appear to be more like unto ???poor Brutus, with himself at war???.

There are no retreats. The only dislodged unit (Turkish A Sevastopol) has nowhere to go. Jack, I fear your active role in this game is done, though your elimination will not be final until the Winter.

So, we advance to Fall 1905, due next Wednesday, May 25th, at 10:00 a.m. CST.

S1905 Adjudication

a vie-tyr (*Fails*)
a tyr-mun (*Fails*)
a boh s a tyr-mun
f ion-nap
a rum s RUSSIAN f arm-sev
a sil-ber (*Fails*)
a alb-gre

F Bar S StP
A Edi - Yor
F NTH - Hel
A StP S Swe - Fin
F Swe ??? Fin

Fleet Western Med Support Army Tunis
Army Tunis Holds while partying at the local pub
Fleet Gulf Of Lyon Support Army Marseilles Move To Piedmont
Fleet Brest Move To Mid Atlantic Ocean
Army Burgundy Support German Army Munich
Army Marseilles Move To Piedmont (*Fails*)

F Denmark-Skag
F Baltic Sea S F Prussia
F Prussia S A Berlin
A Berlin S A Munich (*Cut*)
A Munich S A Berlin (*Cut*)
A Ruhr S A Munich

F Aeg-Ion
A Support Pie from Tus
All others hold

Fin to Bot
Mos Supports Arm to Sev
War to Ukr
Arm to Sev

Army, Hold (*Disbanded*)

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