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Posted:Jul 06, 2011 at 4:24 pm
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???It is only hubris if I fail???
- G. J. Caesar

If our muse for this game is to be believed, Austria is full of hubris. Though, of course, it is better to fail than to lose outright, and Austria is far from losing in spite of his besieged current circumstances. Still, season after season, he piles up those *Fail* flags. It???s sheer hubris.

The great drama of this season is the English capture (and disbanding) of Warsaw. In exchange, he leaves Moscow open to the Sevastopudlians (surely, it???s like Liverpool ??? Liverpudlians, right?). When one puts those two together, one wonders whether Russia may have been better served by A Sev S A Ukr-Mos rather than the other way around ??? thus leaving open a retreat to Ukraine.

In the South, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas are impassible, but France zigs while Russia zags, and that French fleet in Aegean Sea seems unpleasant.

Elsewhere, there are various EFG movements into places like Munich, Ruhr, Helgoland Bight, St. Petersburg, Baltic Sea, and the Channel. I leave it for you to sort out.

There are no retreats, as the only dislodged unit must disband. Therefore, Fall 1908 will be next Wednesday on July 13, which I believe is Julius Caesar???s 2,110th birthday (though it may also be July 12). Let???s celebrate it right.

Spring 1908 Adjudication

a tyr-mun (*Fails*)
a vie-tyr (*Fails*)
a boh-sil (*Fails*)
a gal s RUSSIAN a war
f tri-allb
a gre s f tri-alb
f ion s f nap-tys (*Cut*)
f nap-tys (*Fails*)

F Bar C Edi - StP
F Bel - Eng
F BOT - Bal
A Edi - StP
A LVN S Mos - War
A Mos - War
F NRG C Edi - StP
A Pru S Mos ??? War

Fleet Eastern Mediterranean Move To Aegean Sea
Fleet Tyrhennian Sea Support Fleet Tunis move to Ionian Sea (*Cut*)
Fleet Tunis move to Ionian Sea (*Fails*)
Fleet Western Med Support Fleet Tyrhennian Sea
Army Burgundy Support German Army Ruhr To Munich
Army Marseilles Move To Piedmont (*Fails*)
Army Holland Move To Ruhr

F Denmark - Helgoland Bight
A Ruhr - Munich
A Berlin support A Silesia
A Silesia support English Army Moscow to Warsaw (*Cut*)

F Rom Supports Austrian F Nap to Tys
A Pie Holds
A Tus Supports A Pie

War supports Sev into Mos (*Disbanded*)
Ukr supports Sev into Mos
Sev Into Mos
Aeg to Smy

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