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Posted:Nov 12, 2008 at 9:15 pm
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I saw that my summary didn't give France the credit it deserves, so I added the following text at the end (see website):

"However, France had also moved far into the Mediterranean and captured Munich from the Austrians. A fight between these two titans could have gone either way."


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Subject: DC176 - Spring 1915: we have a French - Austrian Draw
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After several seasons of Rulers with stagefright to engage in a Draw, we now have a YES vote from all remaining Powers.
And thus, after 15 years of war, Europe will know peace again.
And thus the game has ended at the brink of Spring 1915. As shown in the attached picture.

This means that the Draw between France and Austria leaves two other Powers as survivors of the 15 years of fighting: Russia and Italy.
Both driven out of their home territory, they managed to survive. Often the Italian Special Forces left everyone wondering what strategy sat behind their moves: survival, yes, but at times it seemed like only the lack of Home Supply Centers was stopping it from expanding again.

Early on in the game, Spring 1904, after it was heavily beaten by the Italians, Turkey went into Civil Disorder. Germany, was forced out of its Home supply centers in Spring 1906 due to a battering it took from French, English but mainly Russian forces; it managed to escape elimination by moving south and it even went into Spain for one season. But Fall 1908 marked its end. England managed to survive a bit longer but after the demise of Germany, England was next on the list of the French and Russian predators. And by Winter 1907 England had also taken a serious beating. Year after year England had to give up one of its units, until in Winter 1911 it was all over.
In 1909 Austria started its advance north and in the years to follow managed to work its way up until it had driven Russia out of former Germany by Winter 1911 (coincidence that this is linked to the demise of England during this year?). That's also when Italy had taken Sevastopol. To be followed shortly by its capture of Moscow. In Summer 1913 Russia recaptured Moscow but had to give it up again in Fall of that year; that's also when Austria took possession of Warsaw, Moscow, and Sevastopol. And in Spring 1914 Austria forced Russia out of its last home SC. Meanwhile in the last few years France had been creeping up to the borders of the Austrian empire. And although it had broken the Piedmont defense, it didn't seem like it was going to last very long.

My thanks to all the replacements: Trout, in the 2nd season, Matt, in the 13th season, and Jason, only recently in the 24th season, for taking up the abandoned powers of Austria, Italy, and Russia.

Hope to see you all again in one of my games or find you to be one of my allies (rather than foes) in another.
End-of-game statements are encouraged.


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